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How to calculate cut off marks for engineering / medical 12th TN

How to calculate cut off marks for Engineering (Anna University Counselling) / Medical - 12th Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu 12th Cut off marks is the average mark of major subjects in the 12th standard public examination. The major subjects for the engineering is Physics, Chemistry and Maths. The major subject for the Medical counselling is Biology, Physics, Chemistry. The cut off marks is used for engineering counselling / MBBS counselling and to get seat in the various colleges. Higher cut off marks will lead to top colleges.

Tamilnadu 12th cut off marks calculation for Engineering

TNEA Cut off marks is important for Tamilnadu colleges admission / counselling and Anna university counselling.

Online Cut off Calculator:

Physics Mark:      

Chemistry Mark:

Maths Mark:        


Your 12th Cut Off Mark is:
To calculate the Anna university cut off marks for the engineering degree (B.E) consider three subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Divide the Physics, Chemistry by 4. Divide maths mark by 2. Add all the three subjects marks after dividing.

12th cut off marks calculation

For Example:

Subjectstotal MarksCut-off Mark CalculationCut-Off Marks
Engg. Cut-Off marks188.5 /200

From the above example the calculation of the  marks is shown clearly. The cut off marks should calculated accurately. You can also use Kinindia Tamilnadu 12th cut off calculator.

How to calculate cut off marks for Medical / MBBS

Subjectstotal  MarksCut-off CalculationCut-Off Marks
Medical Cut-Off Marks197.25/200

The above example is used to calculate the Medical Cut off marks. In calculate the cut off marks .50, .75 and .25 should be taken into account. There will be heavy competition to get the medical seat. So decimal value also should be calculated and taken into account. Most of the students will miss the government seat in decimal points.

How to calculate Pure Science cut off for Medical

For pure science there will not be any subjects like maths etc. Instead there will be Botany and Zoology. Here are the steps for calculating the Science group cut off. The science group students can go only in the Medical field.

Subjects                 Total marks                             Cut off Calculation              Cut Off Marks

Zoology                        199                                                199/4                                  49.75

Botany                          198                                                198/4                                  49.50

Physics                         198                                                198/4                                   49.50

Chemistry                    194                                                194/4                                   48.50

Medical Cut off marks                      197.25

The maximum cut off mark is 200.

Minimum cut off marks for Engineering

Sl. No.                  Community                               Average of Physics, Chemistry, Maths marks

1.                                General                                                               50.00 %

2.                      Backward Class ( BC )                                               45.00%

3.                   Backward Class Muslim (BC)                                    45.00 %

4.                             MBC and DNC                                                     40.00 %

5.                             SC/SCA/ST                                                          40.00 %

Calculate cut off marks carefully because it is important to get admission in Medical / Engineering colleges in Tamil nadu.


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